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About us

We are I.C.E., but Fluid. We basically innovate, communicate and educate but we evolve and are dynamic, constantly adapting to meet the changing health literacy needs of the population.


Healthucate™ is a health promotion social enterprise on a mission to improve lives, reduce the burden of disease, and help people achieve optimum physical and mental wellbeing. We achieve this by making health education available, accessible and easy-to-understand by every person, young or aged. Simply put, we are passionate about ‘health educating’ Nigeria and by extension the global community in Africa and beyond.

Healthucate™ is committed to continuously developing innovative resources, tools and platforms to communicate evidence-based life-changing health information to the general public and to specific population groups. We believe that health education and promotion should not only inform but should also transform by evoking behaviour change for a healthier lifestyle.

Healthucate™ is not-profit-driven although it will receive some revenue in exchange for its ideas, services and products in order to remain sustainable and self-sufficient. Annually, a percentage of our profits would also be channeled to provide our services and products for free to the most in need and vulnerable persons, groups and communities. We will work to tackle the health illiteracy culture among the Nigerian population and significantly increase the number of persons who are healthucated and who make the right lifestyle choices to achieve optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our various programs and innovations provide a concerted effort in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 3, especially target 4: “by 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being”.

Our Values



We are scientific in our approach. Our advisory and educational services would be evidence-based and research based.


We will always take a person-centred approach focusing on our clients and the people we serve in other to meet their specific needs.


We will constantly innovate and create new methods, approach and technologies that help us achieve our vision and serve our clients.


We will remain confidential and protect the vital information in our care.


The way we operate, our offerings and services will breathe top notch excellence. We will always adopt industry best practices and adhere to national and international policies.

Because we see a world where everyone is health educated, where health information and education which evokes behaviour change for optimum wellbeing is accessible and easy-to-understand by every person (young and old) at all times.

“We aspire to become the leading innovator and foremost provider of health educational and promotional services that promote optimum health and wellbeing in Nigeria and beyond”.
“we will constantly innovate, to provide services and develop resources, tools and platforms including but not limited to audio-visual contents, publications, games, mobile and web applications and IT solutions that effectively educate the public and promote health and wellbeing”..

Founding Story

Creative health education and promotion was first conceived as an idea by the Founder Ebenezer Anifowose in 2011 when he worked as a Health Educator for a health consulting company. This was at a time when the health status of the population was on a constant decline and the prevalence of preventable non-communicable diseases was soaring. He found out there was a huge need for effective health promotion around the country as there was also a high health illiteracy level in the country and he kept thinking of ways to change the status quo. His desire to make a positive impact in the lives and health of others motivated him to pursue further education in Nutrition and Public Health. His many ideas for creative health education and promotion translated into Healthucate™. Healthucate™ became registered in Nigeria as a company in 2015.

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