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Analyze your diet


Step 1: Pay your investment of ₦3,500 into our account and send us your details.

Step 2: We will send you a custom Food and Activity journal (via email) where you will log all of your meals for at least three days (you can also keep track of your meals by sending pictures and audio logs to our dedicated whatsapp line).

Step 3: You submit your completed food diary via email or whatsapp.

Step 4: Our dedicated in-house nutritionists will deploy their expertise to analyze your dietary patterns using specialized software.

Step 5: Within 3 days, we will send you a detailed report which shows your nutritional status. Not only that, we give personalized advice that can help you improve your eating habit and ultimately your health.

Your personalized report will contain

Energy sources: This will show you the percentage of your energy which you derive from each class of food compared to recommendations.

Calorie information: This will tell you how much calorie you averagely consume per day and this is compared to how much you need.

Vitamin and Mineral Profile: You know your body cells require a minimum amount of all vitamins and minerals per day. Are you getting enough. Find out.

Health Risk Management: Your BMI and waist circumference can be used to evaluate your risks for developing non communicable diseases especially obesity.

Recommendations: You get practicable recommendations of changes you can make to your diet for optimum nutrition.

Analyze Your Diet Now

Signup today via whatsapp or email to find out if your current dietary habits meets your daily nutrient requirement.

Analyze Your Diet Via Whatsapp
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