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Our Services

Nutritional & Lifestyle Consulting

Providing the information you need to make the right nutrition and lifestyle choices

This service will be for those who are confused about what is healthy and unhealthy food or who need help with making the required lifestyle changes to gain control of their health. A consultation session will review client’s current health status provide the information they need to make the right nutrition and lifestyle choices and promoting the optimal function of body

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Health & Fitness Assessment

For persons interested in evaluating their current health and fitness status

Health assessment is important for persons interested in evaluating their current health and fitness status whether ill or not. For persons who are well, it is important to continually assess fitness levels as a preventive action for good health. It is also ideal for anyone embarking on a diet or exercise program to track their progress.

The comprehensive health assessment includes a set of tests such as: Body mass index, Body composition (fat and muscle mass, fat distribution) ,Waist to hip ratio, Blood pressure, Blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides), Blood glucose, Body Water and Fat analysis using bio-electrical impedance unit, dietary/physical activity analysis

Corporate Wellness Services

Work related stress has been a major cause of ill-health, reduced productivity, increased sickness leave, poor performance, high staff turnover and possible increase in accidents due to human error and is known to be a precursor to major health breakdown and its impact on mental health can also manifest as heart disease, back pain, headaches, gastrointestinal disturbances.

Our tailored health seminars, health checks and one-on-one nutritional advice would help your employees understand what they need to do to be at optimum health. They will not only understand but will also be able to begin to make the required change in their lifestyle to help them manage stress and feel better. Ultimately, your organization is the better of it as staff become more productive and efficient.

Meal and Menu planning

... Helping you plan your meal

We offer meal and menu planning for individuals, families and corporate organizations. We help organizations plan the menu for their staff canteens. We also work with caterers to create recipes that meet certain nutritional requirements.

Weight Management

... We help you monitor your weight

Our approach to weight management will adopt a widely used counselling technique- Motivational Interviewing- which is gaining recognition in the industry as a very effective way of motivating clients to change behaviour.

Business 2 Business

We are committed to helping other organizations who have shared values to achieve their own organizational objective.


Communication strategies
New product launches
Media briefings
Radio campaigns


Newspaper and magazine articles
Development of Information, Education and Communication materials
Content for websites and company literature


Advice on new product development
Desk research e.g. to support claims or to inform company literature


Workshops and conferences
Training packages in nutrition or health claims

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